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The eagle and the pine-cone: the story of Sarah Losh and Newton Arlosh church

The newly-restored church of St John the Baptist at Newton Arlosh was consecrated in July 1849: it had previously been a wreck for about 250 years. As John Curwen wrote in 1913 (in a paper that ‘was read on site’), … Continue reading

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Sandstone, ‘smooth as walnut turned on a lathe’

“Fine sandstone is quite silky, you get a crisp image, the maximum sculptural effect. With sandstone there’s no reflection of light to distort what you see.” Sky Higgins, sculptor. “Red St Bees’ is a fine-grained stone, dull red in colour… … Continue reading

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Sculpting sand

Sand is naturally sculpted by wind and water: lifted and swirled to create ever-changing dunes, or washed to and fro and compacted in a shifting pattern of ripples. If the topography and environment change over geological time-scales, the sculpting, the … Continue reading

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