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Barrages, ‘breakwaters’ and ‘bridges’: three proposals for harnessing tidal power in the Solway Firth

It’s the ‘Energy Coast’ – but where do West Cumbria’s priorities for the county, the country and, more importantly for the long-term future of the planet, lie? We have onshore and offshore wind power-generation (Robin Rigg), an Anaerobic Digester near … Continue reading

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The volcanoes of Workington

The colours of pebbles on the shore range from grey and ochre through green to blue, and the eroded cliff is banded orange and purple and red, like a section through an old volcano. Pebbles are bubbled with cavities, though … Continue reading

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Coal reserves: the ‘profound contradiction’

Today in the Guardian, editor Alan Rusbridger explains why his paper will concentrate on climate change for the next few weeks: he regrets “that we had not done justice to this huge, overshadowing, overwhelming issue of how climate change will … Continue reading

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The balance sheet between blue and green

‘A thin blue line’. Of policemen edging a protest march? The blue halo of Earth’s fragile atmosphere as seen from space? No – in this case, a blue line that Robert Alcock painted along a sea-wall in Bilbao in 2011, … Continue reading

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‘Trains and boats and … cranes’: the Port of Workington

Once upon a time you could – it was said – walk from one side of the Prince of Wales dock to the other across the decks of ships, and the Port of Workington employed 150 people. Now, there are … Continue reading

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